Meet Our Not-So-Secret Ingredient: The Many Beauty Benefits of Shea Butter

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Meet Our Not-So-Secret Ingredient: The Many Beauty Benefits of Shea Butter

The story of WOT Skincare begins with a bit of inspiration and one simple ingredient.

In 2020, when one of our founders began looking for a solution for stress-induced eczema, Wendy’s research of gentle, plant-based ingredients that effectively treat the skin, led her to a familiar favorite - shea butter.

Shea butter - which comes from the fatty meat of shea nuts - is a potent botanical ingredient which has been used in beauty formulas for centuries.

Using shea butter to treat her son’s sensitive skin, Wendy soon began to witness the potential for pure, natural skincare to holistically heal the skin. Both ladies began experimenting with essential oil blends to scent the rich, raw butters and soon a whole new line of clean cosmetics was born.

WOT are the benefits of shea butter?

The benefits of shea butter are almost too many to list! It can be used to treat all skin types from acne prone skin to mature skin. As a superhero ingredient, we love its ability to address a plethora of common skincare concerns and conditions. Here are a few of our favorite reasons to add a shea butter product to your skincare:

  • Shea hydrates and nourishes skin - Deeply moisturizing, shea butter is easily absorbed by the skin and helps to instantly replenish a dull, dry or depleted complexion. It is rich in lipids and fatty acids, helping to protect the skin’s barrier and prevent water loss, meaning moisture stays locked in. 
  • Shea aids in healing, soothing and repair - Shea butter has been shown to fight free radical damage, promote cell regeneration and protect the skin against sun exposure. Because it is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial, it can be an incredible ally for sensitive, irritated or environmentally compromised skin.

Shea helps plump and smooth skin - High in compounds that can help boost collagen production, shea butter even makes an amazing anti-aging ingredient. When used in skincare it helps improve skin texture and can even help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scarring.

African Liquid Gold - About Our Shea Butter
At WOT Skincare, we source our pure Grade A unrefined shea butter from various parts of Africa and additionally use a very special method of extraction to obtain only the purest ingredients for our unique products.

While many manufacturers typically melt their shea butter down to an oil form, ours maintains its golden liquid form, making it ideal for cosmetic applications. We can’t wait for you to experience the difference, and the magic of WOT’s shea-based beauty blends.

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