Meet The Fab Five: Introducing WOT’s Newest Skincare Serums & Their Benefits

Posted by Wendy Olutiola on

Skincare lovers and experts alike can agree that serums are a wonderful addition to your skincare routine. Because serums contain highly-concentrated ingredient formulas, they work quickly to target a number of skincare conditions and concerns and can be very effective for transforming your skin.

Knowing this, WOT Skincare has developed its own line of holistic serums that can be mixed, matched and added to your daily skincare ritual. How can you tell which one is right for you? Here’s a little breakdown of to help you decide:

Radiance Elixir Face Serum

WOT it’s for: Radiance Elixir is a balancing and nourishing formula, ideal for combination skin types. With a lightweight blend of botanical oils - including argan, geranium and more - this multitasking serum helps to reduce excess oil production and hydrate the skin without clogging pores.

Calming Elixir Face Serum

WOT it’s for: Sensitive skin gets a boost of soothing and relief with a little help from our Calming Elixir. This special formula contains only natural, gentle ingredients like jojoba and grape-seed oil, which support barrier repair and won’t irritate stressed skin.  

Glow and Repair Face Serum

WOT it’s for: Rejuvenation and a radiant glow is the goal of Glow and Repair Face Serum. Our recipe for overnight recovery is enriched with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory oils that skin loves, including lavender and rosehip oil.  

Ultra-Clarifying Elixir Face Serum

WOT it’s for: Oily or acne prone skin types can benefit greatly from the Ultra-Clarifying Elixir, which was designed to keep excess oil and breakouts at bay. Unlike some harsh acne formulas, this one promotes happy, healthy skin with the help of healing hempseed, rosemary and other natural oils. 

Ultra-Hydrating Elixir Face Serum

WOT it’s for: Just about all skin types can benefit from added hydration, so this Ultra-Hydrating formula is wonderful for replenishing normal or dry skin. With Rose, Marula and other moisturizing oils, it works to create smoother, softer and more supple skin


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