Organic Anti-aging Serum with Blue Tansy



Organic Anti-aging Serum with Blue Tansy

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Glow-to-Go rejuvenating Face Serum - for a radiant complexion that glows for days, our Anti-aging Serum is made from Organic Moringa oil, Organic Rosehip oil, Organic  Clary Sage oil, Organic frankincense oil, Organic Helichrysum oil, and Organic Blue Tansy oil. This blend of luxury oils  is truly an elixir of youth. Moringa oil is known to have many beauty benefits including hydrating, healing, soothing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, this nourishing facial oil also helps support barrier function and cellular repair. Rosehip oil is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, which are integral for tissue and cell regeneration in the skin. It's no wonder that the oil has long been used as a folk remedy for wound healing, as well as the reduction of scars and fine lines. For years, Clary Sage oil was almost exclusively used as a lovely fragrance for upper class ladies, and is known to have anti-aging benefits and also for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Frankincense oil is revitalizing and healing, and is a powerful skincare remedy that rejuvenates and reduces blemishes. Helichrysum oil is unsurpassed in its ability to rejuvenate the look of healthy, unblemished skin, and is widely used to help promote healthy skin cell regeneration and a glowing, youthful complexion. Blue Tansy oil deeply nourishes skin without clogging pores. It's also incredibly soothing, minimizes inflammation, and regenerates skin at a cellular level

1 Oz :: Glass bottle with graduated dropper

How to Use

For best results, this anti-aging serum can be applied to clean skin, following a spritz of our Rose Hibiscus Face Mist. You can also apply a few drops to use as a medium for Neck, facial, and décolletage massage. Allow the oil to be fully-absorbed for softer, smoother skin. 


  • Organic Moringa Oil (Moringa oleifera)
  • Organic Rosehip Oil (Rosa canina & Rosa rubiginosa)
  • Organic Clary Sage Oil (Salvia sclarea)
  • Organic Helichrysum Oil (Helichrysum italicum)
  • Organic Frankincense Oil (Boswellia carterii)
  • Organic Blue Tansy Oil (Tanacetum annuum)

Our Promise To You

All of our products are consciously created using only pure, natural and ethically-sourced ingredients. We utilize simple, yet effective formulas and package all of our products sustainably in recyclable glass bottles and jars

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